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About Me

Sam Pemble

Founder of Vital Cores

Massage and Yoga Instructor

Babies and Children


I have been practicing yoga for over three years but I first became interested in baby massage and yoga for children at the beginning of 2017 when my son was identified as having additional needs regarding his vision and coordination. Unfamiliar terms like 'crossing the midline', 'retained primitive reflexes' and 'vestibular and proprioceptive systems' were used so I decided to read further into this. The more I read, the more interested, excited and hopeful I became and Vital Cores was born. 

I say to all parents when I first meet them: "I wish I knew 7 years ago, what I know now". The benefits of baby massage and baby yoga are scientifically proven and it is incredible when I get feedback from parents saying how relaxed their baby is, or how much the tummy routine has helped.


Meeting new parents and babies, seeing them grow and develop over the weeks is very exciting. I adore teaching! I love working with the toddlers and children and being a part of their yoga journey. I love watching their faces as they work through poses and have fun playing yoga games.


I am passionate about sharing the wonderful and vast benefits of both massage and yoga and truly believe that the earlier we can provide little ones with sensory rich experiences, activating all of the sensory systems, the more we can positively impact their learning later on.​



Certified Baby Massage Instructor
Blossom & Berry July 2017

Certified Baby Yoga Instructor
Blossom & Berry Feb 2018 

Certified Children's Yoga Instructor
Rainbow Kids Yoga Aug 2018


“He has just woken up from a nice long afternoon nap ... I'm pretty sure he is a baby massage fan and advocate.” - R.A
"Thanks so much for the classes, Noah was always so relaxed after them." - S.B.
"I have found this class really fun and would definitely recommend it to others. What I really like is that it teaches movements with the songs, the movements are therefore easy to remember (for mum and bub). I have been practicing at home and my baby loves it." - R.B
“Sam is an excellent teacher with a calm, open, positive approach, which I found extremely reassuring as a first time mother. She was clear and explained everything in a wonderful way, perfectly paced and tailored to our group.” - Y.F.
"The massage techniques Sam has taught, we now use as part of our daily routine to help my daughter relax before bed. They have been extremely beneficial for helping with colic and constipation that my daughter suffers with. 
I highly recommend the course with Sam, not only have I learnt great skills to bond with my daughter more, it gave me an hour of fun time to be out the house with no worries or stress." - S.C.
"Highly recommend Vital Cores' (lovely Sam's) baby yoga courses and private workshops. Such a fun and relaxed activity to do with your baby and you learn loads of exercises you can do at home to support your baby's physical development as well as soothing massage and relaxation techniques." - J.W.