Sam Pemble

BA (Hons)

Certified Baby Massage

Certified Baby Yoga

Certified Postnatal Yoga

Certified Kids & Family Yoga

Certified Gentle Sleep Coach

Hi, I'm Sam, your instructor and I'm here to share the powerful benefits of  massage and yoga with you, your baby and your children! Originally from South Africa, I live in London with my husband and two beautiful children and I know what a wonderful, rewarding, emotional whirlwind motherhood can feel like! 

When I first became a mum, It was not at all what I was expecting. My little boy arrived safe and sound and perfect, I felt so blessed. When I was feeding him, I used to play with his tiny feet and marvel at how beautiful he was. I was in awe that my body had created this tiny new life. After the initial bubble of the first few days, things started to change. My baby didn't sleep. I didn't sleep. I felt lost, overwhelmed, extremely anxious and lonely. Oh, the loneliness.  

Although I had the support of my husband, my mum and a wonderful group of NCT ladies, I still felt alone and completely out of my depth. In fact, my firstborn was really the first baby I held. None of the books or prenatal classes prepared me for those first few weeks and months with my baby. I certainly didn't have a clue,


My gorgeous little one had silent reflux, a cow's milk protein intolerance and bad colic. Because of tight neck muscles, he also developed quite a severe flat head. I cried. A lot! But, after several visits to a chiropractor, lots of skin-to-skin contact, countless cuddles and baby wearing, I was convinced holistic and natural paths were the way forward. 

At the age of 4 my son was identified as having additional needs regarding his vision and coordination. Unfamiliar and technical terms such as 'crossing the midline', 'retained primitive reflexes', 'vestibular and proprioceptive systems' were used so I decided to read further into this. I read extensively, and the more I read, the more interested and excited I became. I realised that there was so much new mums could do with their babies to provide sensory rich experiences to help nurture their baby and aid their development. I just had to share this knowledge with as many mums as I could.

And so the BREATHE | CONNECT | SOOTHE | RELAX idea of Vital Cores Wellbeing was born.

The benefits of baby massage and yoga are scientifically proven and it is incredibly rewarding when I receive feedback from parents saying how relaxed their baby is, how well they have slept or how much the tummy routine has helped to relieve their baby's trapped wind, colic or constipation.

My aim is to create a welcoming, friendly, safe and relaxing place for parents to connect with themselves and with their babies through nurturing, positive touch, singing and movement. I do not want any parent to feel like I did, lost and alone and too scared to come to a class in case their baby cries. It is for this reason that classes are kept relatively small, I want to be able to support each and every mum (and dad) and baby at whatever stage of the journey they are on.

I love teaching my classes and firmly believe that we need time to heal after birth, both physically and emotionally. Postnatal yoga is a great way of achieving this. I also believe that by providing our babies and children with sensory rich experiences (hearing, sight, touch, balance, body perception), the more we can positively impact their learning, development and emotional wellbeing. Love really does create love. 



Certified Baby Massage Instructor
Blossom & Berry, July 2017
Certified Gentle Sleep Coach
OCN Level 4, May 2020

Certified Baby Yoga Instructor
Blossom & Berry, Feb 2018 
Certified Postnatal Yoga Teacher
Sarah Swindlehurst Yoga/Yogakidz, May 2020

Certified Children's Yoga Instructor
Rainbow Kids Yoga, Aug 2018

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