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Baby Massage, Baby Yoga, Postnatal Yoga, Kids and Family Yoga.


Private group and 1:1 sessions are available to book online depending on availability. This is an ideal way to attend online sessions with a group, eg an NCT group. 

Please get in touch for more information or to book your chosen sessions, please use the Bookings tab.



What they Say

"Sam is an excellent teacher with a calm, open, positive approach, which I found extremely reassuring as a first time mother. She was clear and explained everything in a wonderful way, perfectly paced and tailored to our group.” - Y.F.

"The massage techniques Sam has taught, we now use as part of our daily routine to help my daughter relax before bed. They have been extremely beneficial for helping with colic and constipation that my daughter suffers with. I highly recommend the course with Sam, not only have I learnt great skills to bond with my daughter more, it gave me an hour of fun time to be out the house with no worries or stress." - S.C.

"I have found this class really fun and would definitely recommend it to others. What I really like is that it teaches movements with the songs, the movements are therefore easy to remember (for mum and bub). I have been practicing at home and my baby loves it." - R.B
"The baby massage course by Vital Cores is very pleasant, informative and positive experience for both mom and baby. You can learn a lot about baby's body and attitude. It is also very helpful for relaxing the baby and improving their sleep and well-being. The course wouldn't be so useful if it wasn't for our instructor, Sam. Sam is very approachable, easy to communicate and patient, very flexible and dedicated to teach us moms what is best for our baby. I really enjoyed the course and will definitely do my best to put what I have learnt into practice." - M.O
"Sam was so incredibly experienced and I was amazed at the wealth of knowledge she had. I couldn’t believe how many songs and rhymes we could fit into one yoga/massage class! My baby loves it and I have already used a few of the activities we tried! A very special class to remember. We will definitely be at any future workshops, thank you!" - J.B

"I Highly recommend Vital Cores' (lovely Sam's) baby yoga courses and private workshops. Such a fun and relaxed activity to do with your baby and you learn loads of exercises you can do at home to support your baby's physical development as well as soothing massage and relaxation techniques." - J.W.

"My son aged 8 has not stopped discussing turtle, rock (which I think is child’s pose with your hands behind you), river or tree since attending a session with Vital Cores ..... he has also taken breathing with the feather very seriously - May his love of yoga continue to grow and Thank you for giving him time to ‘be at peace’ vital for his well being."- M.L
"My 7 year old son and I have attended Sam's yoga classes, we thoroughly enjoyed them, Sam ensured that the class was interesting and good fun!" - W.G

Available Services:

  • Baby Massage & Relaxation 

  • Baby Yoga 

  • Postnatal Yoga

  • Sleep Support

  • Themed Workshops eg: Halloween or Christmas

  • Kids Yoga

  • Kid's Holiday Yoga & Craft Workshops

  • Family Yoga Workshops

  • Private group or 1:1 Sessions and Home Visits (post pandemic) 

Contact Details:

Sam Pemble


Raynes Park | Morden | Tooting | Surrounding Areas

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